Shopping Information

  • We work with Sürat Cargo / Aras Cargo / Mng Kargo / Yurtiçi Cargo for the shipping of products ordered in the territory of Turkey. For the orders placed abroad, the cargo company we work with varies according to the shipment province, the deci / volume of the order, the cargo company options, and the campaign information.

All ordered products are delivered to cargo on the same day.

We only work with Aras Cargo / Mng Cargo / Sürat Cargo / Yurtiçi Cargo companies in shipment operations.

However, it will be sufficient to call our call center and inform us about your request to use a different cargo company.

Payment Information

During your purchases process on the Black Tiger website, you are protected by the latest technologies and the best service providers.

Am I safe when shopping with a credit card?

Black Tiger does not keep your personal information in its system in any way. Payments are made through the bank’s security systems under international security standards.

Is a credit card security check required?

The security of your personal information is one of the most critical issues for us. For this reason, you may sometimes be asked to confirm your order verbally from the bank during your credit card shopping. In such a case, your bank will reach you from your registered information and receive the order confirmation on the phone. Therefore, we recommend that you keep your personal data stored in your bank up to date.

How can I define the 3D Secure password?

In the first transaction, you make with your 3D Secure system compatible credit card, and the system transfers you to the bank password definition page on the confirmation page. After defining your password on this page, you can shop safely on the internet with 3D Secure. For your security, we recommend using a 3D Secure compatible credit card.

If you are having trouble at the checkout stage after adding the item to the shopping cart, the problem may be due to:

You may have entered your credit card/debit card information incorrectly / incompletely and / or your card may not be approved due to insufficient balance or similar reasons.

If you prefer to pay with 3D secure, your registered mobile phone information may not be up to date.

There may be a momentary systemic problem.

If your credit card was charged due to the order creation process; Please send us the transaction date, transaction amount, and payment receipt. Our finance department reviews the information you provide, and your credit card will be refunded as soon as an overdraft is detected.

When shopping from Black Tiger, you can make your payments by credit/debit card, credit card points, remittance / EFT, or shopping credit method. There is no payment option available “cash on delivery,” but you can choose from other payment methods. Since the payment options vary based on the product, vendor, and bank you want to pay, you can find detailed information about the payment options on the product page of the product you want to buy.